Projects I’m working on

Projects I’m… supposedly working on. Or that are at least floating around in my brain.


  • Shamani Lohmani/Drest first meeting/hookup fic
  • AU where the Ascians and the Twelve swap roles
  • AU where the WoL’s massive outpouring of Light aether frees Emet-Selch from his tempering to Zodiark
  • In the days of PARADISE, Emet-Selch has the ability to veto people choosing to return to the star.
  • G’raha Tia and the WoL slept together before he sealed himself in the Crystal Tower. When he wakes in the future, he learns that the WoL had an Allagan-eyed child.
  • So I made a joke about a Lupin named Bernard becoming an Ishgardian saint, but I kind of want to actually write it now.
  • Loonh Gah reuniting with her mother after the introduction of the porxies


  • Daemon AU! But Terra doesn’t seem to have one, ooh, mysterious


  • Fic exploring the evolution of gender on the way back home.


  • AniTV adaptation of The Departure. Aftran is one of those new-breed Yeerks who don’t need kandrona, conveniently allowing her to stay with Cassie.


  • Psychonauts/Hitman: Agent 47 and Raz wind up tailing the same guy. Hijinks ensue.