Ascension of the Kamuy

The pup cowered and whimpered. He was the last — the rest of his pack slaughtered for the crime of choosing for their hunting grounds some land the Kojin held sacred. Not that he understood the reason. He had seen not one summer since his whelping, and besides, wolves were not among the Spoken races. All he knew was that he was alone, captured by the turtle-men, and now in a strange place surrounded by glowing artifacts.

The Kojin chanted. Aether swirled up out of the land itself, gathering into the midpoint between the artifacts. A massive creature materialized, somewhat like a man but larger, more powerful—

So this was the thing that was going to eat him. The pup whimpered, pressed his head low to the ground and covered his face with his paws.

“Oho!” boomed the creature’s massive voice. “What is this magnificent creature?”

The pup, as previously stated, was not Spoken. But nevertheless, he understood those words. He looked up in awe at the massive man. No. This being had to be something more.

“Lord Susano, we bring you this creature as tribute,” one of the Kojin said. The pup did not understand these words, save for one, somehow: Susano.

“Tribute!” Susano repeated with a jolly laugh. “You have brought me a companion to join in the revel!”

“We— Um—” Truth be told, the Kojin had expected Susano to slaughter the wolf.

“This one is young, still frail, not ready.” Susano crouched before the pup, but still towered over him. “It will be some time, but I will gladly wait.” He reached a hand toward the pup, who shrank back, but He meant no harm. A warm light surrounded him and healed his wounds. When the light faded from around him, it yet persisted from him, his fur itself glowing bright.

Susano stood and beckoned to the pup. “Come!”

The pup knew, somehow. Just knew that he could leap into the air and take flight. With a triumphant bark he ascended to meet Susano’s gaze, then he settled onto His shoulder and looked down at the Kojin who had taken everything from him. Who had given everything to him.

When the time came, they would be the first to celebrate in the festival of his ascension.