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General tips


  • I rarely make pasta that takes more than 5-6 minutes to cook; anything longer just saps my energy. I eat a lot of angel hair.
  • If you make pasta in a shallow pan rather than a deep pot, the water takes less time to boil!
  • I used to think I couldn’t taste the difference between pasta cooked in salted vs. unsalted water, but then a few weeks ago I forgot to salt the water and I could tell. It’s worth the slight extra effort.


  • Being American, I usually use our weird mishmash of cups/teaspoons/tablespoons when baking. Where necessary I’ll provide conversions to grams, but since they’re taken from online converters you may want to double-check with a person who knows what they’re talking about.
  • When measuring flour, use a spoon or scoop to gently move the flour from its bag to the measuring cup. Fill the cup to the top and level it off with a butter knife or other flat-edged implement. Packing your flour too tightly will mess up your measurements.