!My games

Sometimes I try to make video games. I publish them on Itch.

GB Studio

GBStudio is a tool for making Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. It’s very easy to use and has a great, friendly community.

A Little Game that I made to figure out how GBStudio works

Exactly what it says on the tin. Uses mostly pre-made assets from the default engine and other creators, but I did the music and sound effects. Has flags and variables and a cat!


A shorter game I made for Game Boy Showdown 2023. Has no music, mostly pre-made assets, and very rudimentary gameplay, but at least I finished it.


Downpour is another easy-to-use tool for making games, but this time, it’s on your mobile phone and it produces HTML files. You can make very simple interactive fiction with a low barrier to entry. And you can export your games to put them elsewhere on the web too.

Find Jools!

It’s a game about my cat. Because when you make a game engine that runs on people’s phones and is explicitly good at using photos on their phones, people are gonna make games about their cats.