“Girls can’t like sports without being transed these days!”

The above is one of the most irritating TERF talking points I see regularly in the wild. It sends me into flashbacks of being sent home from Sunday school with Chick tracts to pass out to my friends.

(I didn’t have many friends. Wonder why.)

Just... the NOTION that kids these days don’t understand that it’s possible to be gender-nonconforming without being forcibly “transed” (not actually a word) by doctors is so out-of-touch with reality, my mind can’t help drawing parallels with those “comics” where people only did bad things because they didn’t know Jesus died on the cross for them, and as soon as one person came along to tell them the Good News, they immediately fell to their knees praying.

As if you can exist in the United States without knowing what Christianity is.

As if girls can’t touch a baseball without being told they’re really boys.

(And as always, these talking points are always contradictory, because girls are simultaneously being “transed” if they like sports, but ALSO girls’ sports are under attack by trans women, who like sports despite transitioning to female. Somehow.)